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Staging Your Home

Whether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, there are always a number of real estate listings for sale in Collingwood. This means that homeowners have to stay sharp to make a good impression. Although there are many cool, unusual ways to market your home, staging is tried and true. However, while trying to put their best foot forward, some homeowners will slip, especially during the staging process.

Although staging a home may seem like a simple task, it isn’t a picnic. There are a number of nuanced details that homeowners have to keep in mind. Those that don’t can potentially have a stagnant house on their hands.

With a little bit of help, hard work, and research, any homeowner can stage their Collingwood home like a pro. Additionally, they can learn exactly what they should avoid if they want to attract the right kind of attention.

Things to Avoid Number One – Personal Items

While a home is being lived in, the owners will generally fill it with personal items like photos and souvenirs from their travels. This makes a home look unique and inviting. For many sellers, placing some of your personal items in a storage facility and out of sight of potential buyers is a good idea.

However, during the staging process, there should never be any sentimental or nostalgic items lying around.

Instead, homeowners in Collingwood should depersonalize their home. Homeowners can still make their houses look warm and welcoming. However, they need to do so with neutral decorations. If a homeowner really wants to add a personal touch, they can add some related accessories around the house.

While staging, homeowners can decorate with items like:

Things to Avoid Number Two – “Over” Staging

Even if the decor is neutral, homeowners in Collingwood, Ontario can easily “over” stage. This a term that is used to describe homeowners that use too many items in the staging process. As mentioned earlier, candles can add a personal, yet tasteful, touch to a room. However, if every other space had a collection of candles in it, the house may look tacky.

Alternatively, homeowners should keep the saying “less is more” in mind while they are staging. Homeowners should have no more than a handful of unique accessories in each room. This will help it stand out from other listings in the neighbourhood.

Things to Avoid Number Three – Going in Solo

There is no denying that selling a house can be a lucrative process. However, homeowners also can’t ignore the fact that they need to spend money to make money. One thing that all homeowners should invest in is an interior decorator. These professionals can give homeowners a number of insightful tips.

To become an interior decorator, one has to go to post-secondary school for a number of years. During this time, they learn numerous techniques and methods that can improve a home’s visual appeal. Interior decorators use the skills they have gained to make homes enticing to buyers.

Homeowners that don’t want to hire an interior decorator are skating on thin ice. Although many homeowners have a sense of style, not all of them know how to show off the best aspects of their home. This is what many interior decorators excel at.

Before hammering a “for sale” sign into the front lawn, homeowners in the Collingwood area need to do some homework. One of the most important things they need to learn is what to avoid during the staging process. Homeowners that want their listings to do well should steer clear of all personal items.

Additionally, homeowners should do their best to not “over” stage. Finally, homeowners should always utilize a professional interior decorator. This will minimize the chances of the home getting overlooked by potential buyers.

Why Use A Realtor

Here’s Why You Should Use A Realtor

When buying or selling a home, there is the need to ensure that one use a Realtor. The reason is that they have a lot of experience and connections in the property market. To name but a few general benefits that come with involving them. Discussed below are more detailed reasons for using a Realtor when buying or selling.  

Benefits of Using a Realtor When Buying a home

  When you are looking for a home, there is the need to ensure that you get professional help from a Realtor. The following are some of the benefits you get when you buy a home with the help of a real estate agent. A Realtor helps to gather the relevant house information. It is important to know that when it comes to buying a home, there is more than just getting an offer and negotiating with the seller and occupying the home. You need relevant information about the house you want to buy which includes the locality, the community around, social amenities, security and such things. The process of gathering such information can be time-consuming for you, and hence you need an expert to collect in advance readily. That is where a Realtor comes in.   Realtors know how to estimate the real cost of homes. The experience that a Realtor has helped him or her to remain informed of the aspects of a home concerning the demand and supply ratio. They have a lot of skills in determining the real cost of a house. It can be hard for an individual to know the correct estimates of a home unless they have such experience. In that case, there is the need to make use of the Realtors knowledge, as they will evaluate a home for you.   The other reason to involve the Realtors when buying a house is that they help in the documentation process. There is a lot of complicated and bulky paperwork that is present in the home buying process. This requires a lot of knowledge and experience to ensure that everything run well and that everything needed in all the documents is in place. With a Realtor, you are sure that as a buyer they will adequately handle the documentation process.  

Benefits of Selling a Home using Realtors

  There are many things that as a property seller you need to put in place to ensure that you sell a home fast and at the right price. You may not be having the skills and experience that is required, and in such a case it is advisable to use a Realtor’s hand as it comes with many advantages.   Realtors know how to list a home. One reason why one needs to ensure that they first approach a Realtor when they want to sell their homes is that they thoroughly understand the market and they will be able to list a house at the right price. The idea of listing a house can be hectic for owners at times and hence the need to use professional help. Some of the methods of estimating the price for a home that is found online are sometimes misleading, but with Realtors the pricing is reasonable. The other benefit that a home seller gets when they involve a Realtor is that they have more exposure to buyers. Mane home buyers contact the agents before they get to look for properties. The most significant numbers of people who are looking for a home are therefore the ones who use the Realtors. When you use Realtors, therefore, your house will get a lot of showings and offer within a short period. Realtors know how to present homes better. The presentation of a home is an important thing when you want it to sell. With the agents, they have the needed experience, and the display will be smooth. The better a home is presented in today’s market, the first it will be able to sell.   With a Realtor, you are sure that you will get higher offers from the buyers. When you involve an agent in the selling of your home, a lot of people will come to see your home. This will increase the offer that you get of the house if you sell it on your own. The Realtors ensure that the buying process is done professionally and this raises the offer that you get from the buyers.   A Realtor helps to speed up the closing time. The closing process involves plenty of paperwork. Your agent can supervise and manage the handling and transfer of documents and paperwork, and insure that you comply with all applicable laws when buying or selling a home.     The Realtors are very helpful when you are either buying or selling your home. They are well informed on the realty market and using them will make both processes easier with their skills and experience.

First Time Home Buyers: Louisiana

Advice For First Time Home Buyers In Louisiana

Whether it be for investment, for rental or personal, there is an obvious increase in house and property buyers in the most recent years. Before running out to make an offer and a purchase on that lovely house you saw in that amazing neighborhood, there are many considerations to make and things to observe. For example, one of the most common mistakes made by first time home buyers is the failure to take rates into consideration. Choosing the best local Louisiana Realtor who is knowledgeable on the processes, the market and understands best practices to ensure the highest level of content for clients is a step that should not be overlooked. With first time buyers in Louisiana, the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (LREC) offers many assistance programs for a seamless process.

The Realtor

One of the most crucial aspects of your process when ready to buy a home is choosing the right Realtor that can present options that are best fitting. It is important to choose an agent that is looking to match you with a home or property that best fits and not just looking to make a sale. To do this effectively, searching should include figuring out the necessary credentials for a Realtor, conduct interviews for potentials, browse current listings and review agent or agency’s online presence before making a decision or entering a contract. If purchasing in the state of Louisiana, salespersons must obtain a high school diploma or GED, be at least 18 years old, complete 90 hours of education, comply with LREC application procedures & background check, pass a licensing exam and be sponsored by a broker. Even with homeowners looking to sell a home, these requirements are necessary for all Realtors, above being a good fit for your needs.   Whether looking to buy a home or even sell a home, the real estate agent must have knowledge or expertise to market the home, processes, and mistakes. Most Realtors will agree that a common first time buyer mistake is the miscalculation of interest rates and not having enough as down payment. It is typically recommended to invest at least 20% of the value of the home you’re looking to purchase as down payment. There are loan programs that offer the opportunity to purchase with between 0 – 3.5% as down payment, but many who took this option have since expressed regret. Most first time buyers or buyers under the age of 35 agreed that waiting to accumulate a bigger down payment would have been ideal. Discussing the best approach and practices in regards to down payments and overall rates with your Realtor and loan company is paramount.

Common Mistakes

Another common mistake first time buyers make while purchasing a home is not considering USDA and FHA loan programs. Buying a home can seem like a scary and lengthy process, but purchasing in a city like New Orleans could potential mean landing in a neighborhood close to rivers and lakes with never ending possibilities of activities and history. In a state like Louisiana, a program like the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan program gives those with low credit scores the opportunity to purchase with only 3.5% down and a credit score of 580 or higher. The USDA loan program is a buyers assist program that offers mortgage guarantees to lenders looking to fully finance in rural areas.   If looking to purchase in New Orleans, there are Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) first time home buyers programs such as LHC Choice Conventional program, Market Rate GNMA program, Mortgage Revenue Bond Assisted program, Mortgage Credit Certificate program, Delta 100 program, LHC Home/MRB program and more. There are many options that offer assistance to first time buyers to ensure an efficient process.   There are countless shocks to first time buyers of houses and property, but there are also certain steps that can be taken to reduce the effects of the shock. As the thought of owning a home and investing for the future is rather excited, it is important to take a step back and consider the necessary procedures that will ensure a seamless outcome. Efforts such as taking time to save at least 20% of the home’s worth, considering and applying for loan programs, finding the perfect Realtor that is knowledgeable will help each the process as saving grace.   As a first time buyer, time to make sure a Realtor is fully certified, opportunities and offerings of any grants, loans or assistance programs that might be beneficial shouldn’t be taken for granted. Realizing that the process is not a race and landing on the perfect fit might take time and hard work is, but it is necessary. The market is constantly evolving and growing, which makes now the best time to start saving or even browsing potential homes for the future.

Cocoa Beach Real Estate

Real Estate In Cocoa Beach

Florida is a great place to live. The blue skies, sunshine and nice weather all year long provide for days and nights of enjoyment. If you have been thinking of moving to the area. A good real estate agent can come in handy. They are adept at finding the right place for their clients because they know the area really well. They will have lots of great information.

Buy A Home In Cocoa Beach

Being as specific as possible is the trick. You will want to list out the details of the place that is right up your alley. Carrying a notebook will help when hunting for a home. This way, the details are right there at all times.

Make Sure That A Budget Is Known

When looking for a home, have a budget in mind so that when a house is found, it is affordable. Having this information will also allow the agent to show the homes that are in the price range. Don’t dream of getting one of the homes that are not in the price range because it will be disappointing.

Dress Appropriately While Looking For A New Home

There can be a lot of time involved in finding a new home. Dressing for the weather makes good sense. Comfortable shoes are imperative to protect your feet. Make a day out of searching for a new home and take the time to eat too.

Spending Time With Your Agent

Spending time with the agent is a good idea. They will be better able to assist you with your housing search. Since they will know your likes and dislikes, it will allow them to take you to homes that will be an attractive choice according to your desires. The more that they understand you and the type of home that will work, the better they can do their job.

Sell A Home In Cocoa Beach

An agent also helps to market selling your home. That is why they are excellent at what they do because they will know what is available when it is needed. Ask them the questions about Cocoa Beach real estate to get to know the area better. They will be able to tell you about the employment opportunities in the area. Shopping, entertainment and attractions are also important aspects to know about the Cocoa Beach area. Don’t forget to ask about the police stations, post office and hospitals because this information will come in handy. The community of Cocoa Beach is a great place filled with nice people. Since the people in the community are friendly, they welcome new residents with open arms. Make sure that a housewarming party is on your agenda, and invite new and old friends, as well as the people in the neighborhood. This is a great way to meet new people that might become friends. When planning your party, make sure that there is enough seating for all the people, as well as plenty of food and drink. Making them feel comfortable is what it is all about.

Unusual Ways to Attract Potential Buyers to Your Home Listing

getting your home sold FAST

getting your home sold FAST

Unusual Marketing Tips for Real Estate

When the country is in the middle of a buyer’s market, even the best real estate agents have to work harder to try and make a listing more appealing. In order to get the maximum selling price, your Realtor may offer you some unusual ways to make your listing stand out from the rest of the houses in your area.   In addition to telling you the best time of the year to sell your home…These are a few of those unusual techniques for staging the house that will appeal to a bigger audience and increase the chances of closing a deal faster.  

Taking a Page From Chinese Philosophy

One of the unique ways to attract a potential buyer is to simply utilize Feng shui staging techniques. By rearranging the decor and furniture in each room a certain way, it accomplishes two things. Not only does the arranging of furniture this way give off a positive energy, it creates a more welcoming environment for potential buyers.

Buyers Take Notice

Buyers will notice, and more importantly, they will remember this listing. If the buyer does stop to ask about the unusual room staging, they will be pleasantly surprised when they discover you put all that effort into improving the chi of the house.
Unusually tips for getting your home sold

Unusually tips for getting your home sold – photo complements of Buddy Blake Real Estate

Make no mistake about it, long after the buyers see a dozen or more houses, the unique interior design of your house will still remain fresh on their minds.  

Holding an Open House Party

If you have ever been looking to buy a home and stopped by an open house, you know things can be awkward and uncomfortable, especially if you are the only couple or the buyer is still sitting in the house. Why not make the open house an event every potential buyer will remember? Start by having a band or DJ playing music, set up a food station, serve wine and cheese, and offer prizes throughout the event.

It’s Memorable

Two things are going to happen if you make the open house a party. One, potential buyers will be more at ease speaking with your real estate agent, and two, they will certainly remember this listing long after the party comes to an end and they are back home that night.

Show off the Homes Entertaining Options

When you create a party atmosphere inside the house, there are going to be other buyers who imagine themselves hosting parties in this house and how well it serves them. That alone could create the emotional connection needed to get one of the buyers to come forward with an offer on the house.  

Letting Your House Do the Talking

There are going to be countless busy buyers driving by and looking at your home without you ever knowing. Many of these potential buyers don’t have time to travel around for hours with a Realtor, so they will cruise through neighborhoods before or after work, or anytime they have a few moments to house hunt.

Use Technology

Instead of leaving a realty flyer in a box out front, invest in a talking house transmitter, that can be activated by a mobile phone or the push of a button. Now they roll up on your property and can listen to a soothing voice tell them all the benefits your house has over similar ones in the area.   There are numerous devices and apps available today that will allow your house to basically sell itself. The best part is that you are going to assist buyers who look at homes during hours when you and your agent may not be available to discuss the property.   Giving A Buyer A Little Helping Hand If you are serious about wanting to sell a home, then you have to be willing to do the things many sellers will not. Perhaps you found the perfect buyer, but they are having a little trouble on their end getting their financial institution to deliver on the funding. If you are in the position, you could offer to bridge that gap and give the buyer some financial assistance so they can close the deal.

Hire the right people

Your Realtor can assist with putting you in touch with a real estate attorney who can draw up papers that allow you to pay for points, assist with closing costs, review condo documents, or give the buyer a lease-to-own deal.


When you find the right buyer who is just a little short on making things work with their financial institution, lending a little hand with the finances can help close the deal and really leave the buyer with a good feeling about this purchase.


Whether you have to sell a home fast or you are looking to get top dollar for your investment, consider these staging tips to help get even more eyes on the listing. Those folks looking to buy a home will be drawn in, allowing your Realtor to then utilize their expertise to close the deal.  

Why Spring is the Best Time to Sell Your Home



Top Reasons You Should Put Your Home Up For Sale in the Spring

Are you searching for a new home? Do you have a property that you want to list for sale, but maybe you are not sure when is the right time? A Real Estate US News study shows that spring is increasingly the best time of year to sell a property. Even in markets that are regular throughout the year, spring offers advantages that sellers cannot argue.  Some have gotten down to the best week of the year to list your home. 

An abundance of tax dollars

Tax refunds are a huge reason that people begin looking for a new place to live. Having enough money to use as a down payment is often a catalyst that gets borrowers busy in securing a home loan, says Bankrate. Families that have trouble saving money want to get it spent so that they do something useful with the refund instead of blowing it or using the funds on small purchases. People want to have something to show for the money they get back on tax returns after having so little during the last recession.

Potential buyers have a little cabin fever

Once the cold temperatures give way to sunny days and warm temperatures, people want to get out of the house. Home listings are excellent opportunities for families that were stuck inside to get out and enjoy the more seasonal weather. Often, New Year’s Resolutions give way to bathing suit preparation. When people start moving around the neighborhood on foot or bicycle, signs for open houses are easier to spot. Open houses offer a tempting chance to explore the neighborhood, see the design of other homes, and enjoy the fresh air. Plus, neighbors that sit outside and see the signs going up are likely to share the news with potential buyers or friends looking for a place to buy. Word of mouth advertising is greater in offline channels in the warmer months since people are out and about longer with the sun going down later in the evening. Realtor says that blooming flowers help boost curb appeal and increase the chance of a fast sale.

You will want to find homes early

Buying a home in the spring can potentially take until fall before closing is complete when sales take six months to finalize. Buyers that need to get into a particular neighborhood before school begins have to look for a new place to live in the spring months if they want to get into the new home on time. Having time to pack up the old house and get belongings to the new home takes effort that parents do not want to take away from testing and finishing up the school year. By searching for a new place in the spring months, the paperwork can be completed before children must begin classes the following year, in many cases. The sooner parents can secure a property, the faster they can get the closing process over with so that they can settle into the new neighborhood or residence.

Beautifying your yard is easier in the warmer months

Curb appeal is an important factor in generating interest for a house. People looking to buy a home are more likely to step inside the homes where lawns look immaculate, and flowers are bright and abundant. Getting outside to perform yard work is easier when the weather is warm, so more homeowners are likely to be outside and making improvements in the spring. These updates and repairs equate to home value. By making the property look fresh and vibrant, you invite potential buyers into your space welcoming them inside the front door so that they can envision themselves in the space. You are more likely to get a crowd of viewers in the spring months versus the winter because the weather is better and traveling is nicer.

Ways you can improve your chances of selling for top dollar before you put your home up for sale.

Prepare for the sale before listing

After you get your home in tip-top shape, you may want to hire a staging agency to come and check out the space. An expert can provide advice about how to decorate the home to appeal to the most potential buyers. They can spot out things you might not think about like adding an accent wall with a neutral tone to draw the eyes to a top feature in the home. Experts suggest that you go over the comparisons and be sure that you are setting the home price at the right number before you list it to avoid repricing or lowering the asking price down the road. Changes in the number can make buyers think something is wrong with the house. Spring is here, so now is the time to get busy cleaning and decluttering your home if you are planning to sell it this year. The majority of buyers are already on the lookout for a new home, so if you have a list of things to finish, you might want to enlist some help. The sooner you list, the better chance that you will get multiple offers or a higher than asking price for your property.

Other Unusual Ways to Deal With Real Estate

We are always looking at cutting edge real estate techniques.  Read our unusual ways to market your home for sale.

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