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7 Paint Colors That Can Boost the Value of Your Home

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to selling your home. Most people focus on packing their belongings, making sure the house is clean, and getting everything to their new house. However, one thing that new home sellers should think about is the paint color throughout the house and how that will influence home buyers’ decisions when looking at homes. The question is: Which paint colors are the best to attract potential buyers and get your home sold faster?

There are colors that can either entice home buyers to take a tour of your home or push away potential buyers from considering purchasing your home. A bright yellow kitchen can turn away interested parties in seconds! Below is a list of 7 paint colors that will boost the value of your home and attract buyers to your home.


Although black may be too dark for your walls, black is one of the best colors to paint your front door and interior doors. A black interior door can attract potential home buyers because of the uniqueness of it. Most interior doors are a simple white color, but painting those doors black adds an element of class that not all homes have. 

Black interior doors also hide dirt which is useful for sellers and buyers who have young children and pets. This will save you a lot of stress when cleaning your home before posting it for sale on a real estate website. 

Lastly, black interior doors make your ceilings appear taller. The illusion of the taller ceiling is because the black color of the door draws the eyes upwards. You will benefit from the illusion of taller ceilings because many buyers view tall ceilings as more elegant and luxurious, so this will draw their eye to your home quickly. 


White is one of the most classic colors to decorate your home. Real estate professionals believe that white is one of the top colors to boost your home value because it provides home buyers with a clean slate while still having elements that appeal to everyone. 

White also gives the home an extra clean feeling! Although you may feel it is harder to keep white walls clean, if you can stay committed to the cleanliness or are willing to repaint it will benefit you in the long run when it comes time to sell your home. 

Lastly, white walls immediately brighten up the room. It is very important when selling your home that you keep the rooms looking clean, large, and bright as that is what appeals to potential home buyers the most. A neutral white with gray undertones can keep rooms from looking too bright or blinding. 


Gray is right alongside white as one of the most popular colors to decorate your home. It is a color that has been in style for decades and one that we don’t see going out of style any time soon. It goes with everything so you can pair the paint color to any type of unique decor that you have!

Gray is also one of the most versatile colors as you can get the color in various warm or cool tones. If you get a warmer tone of gray, it will liven up rooms like the living room where you attend to guests and engage in social interaction with others. If you get a cooler tone of gray, it will make rooms like bathrooms feel airy, spacious, and bright. 

Gray exteriors are always a hit due to the versatility of the paint as well. The versatility of gray allows you to give your home different “looks” such as a modern light gray exterior, a sophisticated dark gray exterior, or a playful gray-blue exterior. 

Light Blue

Light blue is a color that is another classic for home decor and is a good choice for rooms like the bathroom or the bedroom. When you paint your walls light blue, it gives the room a softening effect and the color matches homes of any types from modern to Colonial.

To keep the soft illusion throughout the home, you can pair the light blue paint color with decor that is white, beige, or even yellow. Light blue walls also make rooms look more cheerful and welcoming when natural light is included. 


Beige is a color that is perfect for people who prefer the warm tones. It gives the home a calming and sophisticated feel and is never cold like gray can be. If brown is a color that a home seller likes or a home buyer is looking for, beige is a color that matches very well with brown decor and is not too dark for the walls. 

On the other hand, beige is easy to contrast with black or white decor. The rooms can stay warm with the brown paint color but can also add an element of elegance with black or white furniture or other decor around the home. 

Lastly, although it is a warm toned paint, beige is a versatile color that can be used as a warm neutral base to pair with brighter decor such as aqua, navy, and sandy white. Real estate professionals often like to use beige with those colors to give the home a beachy feel. 


Greige is best for those who want a neutral color that isn’t as cool as gray and isn’t as warm as beige. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of the two colors which gives the home a perfect balance of cool and warm tones. 

Greige is also a great color to complement furniture and other pieces in the home while remaining sophisticated. Like many of the other above neutral colors, greige looks good in any room of the home from the living room to the kitchen to the exterior. 

Lastly, minimalism has become a very popular trend in real estate today. Greige is a color that works well with natural stone and you can even find stone that is in a greige color. Adding greige stone to the interior of your home gives it a minimalistic feel that will attract home buyers who are looking for a home that follows today’s biggest trends.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is another very popular color for homes in the last year. It is a blue-green color mixed with gray undertones that gives the feeling of a day at the beach. This color is very versatile as it looks different based on the decor of the room, the lighting in the room, and the undertones that are highlighted. 

Sea salt looks best in the bathroom not only for the beach vibe it can give off but also for the clean, aqueous ambiance that it gives off in that specific room. It is a perfect color for those that are wanting a home that gives a coastal feel even if the home is not a coastal one. 


Choose colors that are fresh and inviting! Neutral colors are the way to go because they act as a clean slate for potential home buyers and there are different tones that can give your home a certain vibe or theme. These colors also benefit home sellers because they brighten rooms and visually expand small rooms which will catch the eyes of potential buyers. Make sure to stay away from bright, non-neutral colors such as red, pink, orange, and green. 

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